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Icône de la Fondation Karl Kehrle Breeder code    JP
Joost Peschier
Opmeedenlaan  4
NL-9937 TN - Meedhuizen
the Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)596 533 772
fax --727

— Pedigree Season 2001 —

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ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Buckfast Breeder No

JP0011 =   .00 – JP9855 × JP9831  :   .98 – JP9747 ins B173(TR)  :  
      .97 – B22(MK) × RJ93  :   .95 – KB202 mrk B402(MK)    etc. 
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Meda (Iranian) Breeder No

I26(CS) =   .00 – I9(CS) lthl B134(GB)  :  imq .98 – I152(PJ) ins A2(PJ)  :  
      .96 – I473(PJ) ins B161(PJ)  :   .95 – I16(PJ) ins B182(PJ)    etc. 
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Lamarckii (Egyptian) Breeder No

B12(PV) =   .00 – B99(MKW) × B59(TW)  :  imq .99 – KB232 nex KB189  :  
      .97 – KB178 nex KB131  :   .96 – KB204 alr KB141    etc. 
JP0109 =   .01 – B12(PV) ins JP9945  :   .00 – B99(MKW) × B59(TW)  :  
     imq .99 – KB232 nex KB189  :   .97 – KB178 nex KB131    etc. 
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Drones for Instrumental Insemination – Daughters of ...

JP9855 =   .98 – JP9747 ins B173(TR)  :   .97 – B22(MK) × RJ93  :  
      .95 – KB202 mrk B402(MK)  :   .92 – KB245 nex KB131    etc. 
FIV9964 =   .99 – UG96455 × FIV9562  :   .96 – UG9440 ven UG9409  :  
      .94 – UG9204 ins TF9215  :   .92 – UG9201 ksb UG8856    etc. 
JP9945 =   .99 – JP9903 ins JP9615  :   .99 – JP9876 × JP9747  :  
      .98 – JP9701 ins JP9615  :   .97 – JP9694 × JP9241    etc. 
B32(TW) =   .97 – KB295 ieg × mrk KB202  :   .94 – KB368 nex KB096  :  
      .91 – KB217 nex KB131  :   .88 – S-439 ieg × nex 04-30    etc. 
B10(FM) =   .99 – B5(FM) lgn B184(PJ)  :   .96 – B4(FM) lgn B169(TR)  :  
      .95 – B2(FM) lgn B236(GB)  :  imq .94 – B243(MS) lgn A224(PJ)    etc. 
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

  ... used as below

× JP9855 : JP0011, JP0109, PV0012.
× FIV9964 : PV0012.
× JP9945 : PV0012.
× TW9732 : I26(CS).
× FM9910 : JP0011.
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Comments of Joost Peschier ...

Spring was very cold and wet in this part of the country.  The transferring of the larvae started to be successful in June.  The transferring of the larvae and the building up of the populations were not the mayor problems.  I had most problems with cutting out capped cells due to the very cold spring.  In 2000 I finished the spring stimulation in June and in 2001 I was ready on July 17!

This year I had no colony losses at all.  Just 4 of the 20 brood hives were empty.  In those four hives I chanced the queens in September while the populations were actually too small.  I wanted to keep these queens over the winter for the breeding of next year, but I could have known it: when a population is too small, the queen and her population will not survive the winter.

I expended my production colonies from 25 to 50 in August.  This year I have replaced Queen JP9945 by Queen JP0198.  This year I used the line breed of the JP0011 because this queen is a collection of all the Varroa resistant lines.

This year the number of Varroa mites was neglectable.  Most populations stayed completely free of Varroa mites.  I had just a few at some populations.  It looks like that the selection method on Varroa resistance has been very successful and useful.  This is the fifth year that I did not use any Varroa mite control products to kill these mites.

The JP0011 is easy to handle and was responsible for the above average production of honey.

This year I got some new breed lines, such as the Egyptian Lamarkii witch I purchases from the Breeding Group Marken in the Netherlands.  Piet Verkooijen had the Lamarkii mated and it is called the PV0012.  I also got some Iranian material (the JP0155) from the Breeding Group Fiveldal.  This Breeding Group received this material from Christian Salau.  Paul Jungels and Günter Behrens did use this line for breeding purposes for more then six years know.

These new lines won’t get any winter treatment.  In spring we’ll see if they’ll get a chance in the following selections.  You’ll find a pedigree of the most promising lines elsewhere on this site.  I’ll test and possibly use these lines this and upcoming year.

Joost Peschier.

Color code and Abbreviations

Queens without information :B402(MK) JP9241 JP9584
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and Drones are F1  this is a real Mendelian F1 cross.
-- Breeders ...
BA (or "–"): Brother Adam †1996 (O.S.B. - O.B.E.)
..: ???
CS: Christian Salau (D)
FD: Fiveldal A.H. de Witt &
Geert van Eizenga (NL)
FM: Franz Mürwald (D)
GB: Günter Behrens (D)
HR: Hans Røy (DK)
JP: Joost Peschier (NL)
KB: Keld Brandstrup   Reerslev Biavl (DK)
KH: Kurt Holbæk (DK)
MK: Breeding group Marken (NL)
MKW: Ton Woud (NL)
MS: Michael Schell (D)
PJ: Paul Jungels (Lux)
PV: Piet Verkooijen (NL)
RJ: Jürgen Reineke (D)
TR: Thomas Rueppel (D)
TW: Ton Woud (NL)
TF: Tore Forsman (S)
UG: Ulf Gröhn (S)
-- Ancestors ...
Atlas85R: 1×
Egypt94-2R: 2×
JP9584: 1×
LaesoR89: 1×
Sardast93R: 1×
Sinop62R: 1×
Sinop72R: 2×
-- Races ...
A: anatolica
B: buckfast
E: lamarckii (Egyptian)
I: meda (Iranian)
L: ligustica
M: monticola
S: sahariensis
-- Importation mode ...
ieg : Eggs imported
imq : Laying queen imported
-- Mating Places, etc ...
alr : Alrø island (DK)
ins : Instrumental insemination
ksb : Kåseberga (S)
lgn : Langeneß peninsula (D – North sea)
lthl : Lautenthal (Harz, D)
mrk : Marken peninsula (NL)
nex : Nexelø island (DK)
shr : Sherburton (Dartmoor, UK)
tun : Tunø island (DK)
ven : Ven island (S)
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