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JG514 is a queen of Jakob Germundsson (DK) mated in 2013, descendant G6 of Ren. She comes from a line of caucasica (German origin)-combination.

  JG514 =   .13 – SS546 ieg × alr ST500    [14 dr.c.] :   .11 – SS311 ilv × ave ST394    [some dr.c.] :  
        .09 – SS232 gln SS216    :  itq .07 – IN152 gln JR019    :  
        .05 –  IN015 alr PS017    [13 dr.c.] :   .03 – Kauka(IN) alr ST369    [12 dr.c.] :  
   imq .02 – Ren × Kaukaser      (caucasica (German origin))
    Pedigree of JG514 :
four generations presented  
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Color code and Abbreviations
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
IN :Ivan B. Nielsen (DK)
JG (JGS):Jakob Germundsson (DK)
JR :Jan Rosenstrøm (DK)
KB :Keld Brandstrup (DK)
PS :Poul Erik Sørensen †2012(57) (DK)
SS :Svend Sejr (DK)
ST :Peter Stougård (DK)
Races — Do use them
D:cecropia macedonica
Importation mode
ieg :Eggs imported (brood comb)
ilv :Grafted larvae imported
imq :Laying queen imported
itq :Tested queen imported
Mating Places, etc
alr :Alrø island, Odder (DK)
ave :Avernakø island (DK)
gln :Glænø peninsula (DK)
nex :Nekselø island (DK)
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