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EL164(MR)1dr is a queen of Martin Rößner (DE), inseminated with only one drone in 2018, descendant G4 of EL157(EO). She is a Buckfast who results in a new line of nat-combination.

  EL164(MR)1dr =   .18 –  EL36(MR)1dr ins P24(KK)1dr    [one drone] :   .17 – EL8(RKR) ins B14Vt(RHO)    [one drone] :  
       itq .15 –  EL104(BB) rud VSHmix(JBB)    [4 dr.c.] :   .14 – EL157(GeB) ieg × lthl B200(BB)    [32 dr.c.] :  
       imq .12 – EL157(EO) nat ELxx12(EO)      (free mating)
    Pedigree of EL164(MR)1dr :
four generations presented
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Evaluation of EL164(MR)1dr done in 2019

Vitality of Temper Swar­ming Ferti- Crop Over­win- Building Varroa HYG+
bees brood of bees tend­ency lity Early Summ. tering Combs Propol. num­ber VSH+ after 24 h
4 4 4 5 4 4 5 5 4 4 5 88 % -
Evaluation scale:   from 1 to 6.  1 = very bad.  3 = bad average.  4 = good average.
5 = great performance.  6 = optimum exceptional looked for in this feature. [  more ]
Color code and Abbreviations
Queens without information : VSHmix(JBB) EL157(EO)
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and/or Drones have unknown exact origin : that makes unable to find their real status.
BB :Imkerei Bernd Brix (DE)
GeB :Imkerei Gerd & Gabriele Brix (DE)
KK :Josef Koller (DE)
MR :Martin Rößner (DE)
RHO :Dr. Ralf Höling (DE)
RKR :Wanderimkerei
Races — Do use them
O:(EL) monticola Elgon
Importation mode
ieg :Eggs imported (brood comb)
imq :Laying queen imported
itq :Tested queen imported
Mating Places, etc
iby1 :Instrumental insemination (DE)
inby :Instrumental insemination (DE)
lthl :Lautenthal (Harz, DE)
nat :Free mated at random
rud :Ruden island (DE – Baltic sea)
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