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B234(MDY) is a queen of Mikhail Yurievich Dmitrenko mated in 2016, descendant G13 of IC8806. She is a Buckfast who comes from a line of has-combination well established.

  B234(MDY) =   .16 – B52(MDY) ins B182(MDY)    [12 dr.c.] :   .14 – B44(MDY) ins B10(MDY)    [12 dr.c.] :  
       iiq .13 – B966(MD) ins B38(MA)    :   .09 – B651(MD) lthl B20(TR)    [33 dr.c.] :  
        .06 – B547(MD) bal B77(TR)    [18 dr.c.] :   .05 – B226(MD) ins B146(MD)    [4 dr.c.] :  
        .02 – B146(MD) lgn B322(FF)    :   .01 – KET9904 ins B23(MD)    :  
        .99 – SK9701 asp SK9610    :   .97 – IC9542 run UG9409    :  
        .95 – AJ9304 asp KC9103T    :   .93 – IC9208 asp B-131    :  
        .92 – IC9001 has UG9032    :   .90 – IC8806 has EK8602 
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    Pedigree of B234(MDY) :
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Color code and Abbreviations
Queens without information : B38(MA)
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and Drones result of a cross between two different lines : interesting to increase their resistance and qualities.
(-) (BA):Brother Adam 1898-1996 † (Karl Kehrle Foundation)
AJ :AJ ?? ()
FF :Klaus Fehrenbach (DE)
IC (ICS):Ingvar Carlsson (SE)
KC :Kjell Carlsson (SE)
KET :Karl-Erik Tedblad (SE)
MD :Manfred Deichmann (DE)
MDY :Mikhail Yurievich Dmitrenko
SK :Skärva depot (SE)
TR :Thomas Rueppel (DE)
UG :Ulf Gröhn †2012 (SE)
Races — Do use them
Importation mode
iiq :Inseminated queen imported
Mating Places, etc
asp :Aspö island (SE)
bal :Baltrum island (DE)
has :Hasslö island (SE)
iahn :Instrumental insemination (DE)
injb :Instrumental insemination (DE)
inmy :Instrumental insemination (RU)
ins :Instrumental insemination
lgn :Langeneß island (DE – Wattenmeer)
lthl :Lautenthal (Harz, DE)
run :Runnö island (SE)
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