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B22(SW) is a queen of Sebastian Winkler (DE) mated in 2017, descendant G12 of B314(NE). She is a Buckfast who comes from a line of nst-combination well established.

  B22(SW) =   .17 – B15(SW) hmjb PoolBhom17(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :   .16 – B18(UKB) imc × hmjb PoolBhom16(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :  
        .15 – Bt13(UKB) hmjb PoolB2hom15(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :   .14 – Bt4(UKB) hmjb PoolThom14(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :  
        .13 – B77(UKB) hmjb PoolThom13(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :   .12 – B57(UKB) hmjb PoolBhom12(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :  
        .11 – B47(UKB) hmjb PoolBhom11(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :   .10 – B31(UKB) hmjb PoolBhom10(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :  
        .08 – B27(UKB) hmjb PoolBhom08(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :   .07 – B17(UKB) hmjb PoolBhom07(JBB)    [hom dr.c.] :  
        .06 – B31(UKB) ins Bmix06(JBB)    :   .05 – B314(BB) ieg × ins Bmix05(JBB)    :  
   imq .03 – B314(NE) nst B266(NE)      (no more data)
    Pedigree of B22(SW) :
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Color code and Abbreviations
Queen without information : B314(NE)VSHmix(JBB)
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and/or Drones have unknown exact origin : that makes unable to find their real status.
BB :Imkerei Bernd Brix (DE)
JBB :Jürgen Brauße (DE)
SW :Sebastian Winkler (DE)
UKB :Uwe Lilge (DE)
Races — Do use them
T:macedonica Athos
Importation mode
ieg :Eggs imported (brood comb)
imc :Mature queen cell imported
imq :Laying queen imported
Mating Places, etc
hmjb :Homogenized semen insemination
injb :Instrumental insemination (DE)
nst :Nest mountain (AT)
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