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Stephan Wehrli
Vereinsweg  5
CH-3012 - Bern
Tel: +41(0)77 4144 501

— Pedigree Season 2018 —

if you prefer
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– Buckfast Breeder Nr …

B42(SWI) =  imq .16 –  B164(DB) frkg B27(ABg)    [50 dr.c.] :  iiq .14 – B35(DB) ins L226(CW)    [8 dr.c.] : (MG)  
(28q.)   .11 – B1(DB) bal GR109(TR)    [24 dr.c.] :  imq .10 – B164(IC) bal B135(TR)    [23 dr.c.]   etc… 
Laying queen imported from Bioland Imkerei Bio-Biene Diana & Detlev Biel (DE).
MH15B03 = No more data available !
Grafted larvae imported, ..
ligne arc-en-ciel de separation

– Drones, La Dent de Lys high mountain mating place (CH) , supplied by daughters  of  ...

    Bpool18(MH) No more data
Supplied drones by 15 mixed colonies.
ligne arc-en-ciel de separation

  … used as below

× Bpool18(MH) : B42(SWI).28x, B3(MH).45x.

Color code and Abbreviations

Queen from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Her population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and Drones result of a cross between two different lines : interesting to increase their resistance and qualities.
--- Breeders ---
ABg:Andreas Bendig (DE)
CW:Christian Wagner (LU)
DB:Bioland Imkerei Bio-Biene Diana & Detlev Biel (DE)
IC:Christine & Ivan Curić
SWI:Stephan Wehrli (CH)
TR:Thomas Rueppel (DE)
1× :MG00R
Races — Do use them
--- Importation mode ---
iiq :Inseminated queen imported
imq :Laying queen imported
--- Mating Places, etc ---
bal :Baltrum island (DE)
frkg :Friedrichskoog mating place (DE)
ilcw :Instrumental insemination Luxembourg
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