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Dieter Dilling
Scheele-Gasse  3
DE-37296 - Ringgau-Netra
Tel: +49(0)5659 376 543

— Pedigree Season 2012 —

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ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Buckfast Breeder Nr …

B68(BB) =  iiq .10 – B1(BB) ins B15(MS)  :   .08 –  B102(BB) nst B391(NE)  :  
    .06 – A642(BB) nst B200(NE)  :   .06 – A507(PN) ivq × ins Bmix06(JBB)    etc... 
Grafted larvae imported, Imkerei Bernd Brix (DE).
B391(BB) =  imq .11 – B391(NE) val B100(NE)  :   .09 – B391(NE) nst B384(NE)  :  
    .07 – B391(NE) val B434(NE)  :   .05 – B391(NE) nst B238(NE)    etc... 
Grafted larvae imported, Imkerei Bernd Brix (DE).
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

– Drones, Lautenthal protected mating place (Harz, DE) , supplied by daughters  of  ...

B34(CS) =   .09 – B24(CS) bal B78(TR)  :   .07 – B444(CS) lthl A284(PJ)  :  
    .05 – B6(CS) lthl B35(CS)  :   .04 – B666(CS) aml B93(AM)    etc... 
Supplied drones by some sister colonies, plus some in the proximity), bred by Christian Salau (DE).
ligne arc-en-ciel de séparation

  ... used as below

× B34(CS) : B68(BB).

Evaluation of colonies


Color code and Abbreviations

Queen without information : B434(NE)
Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain .
Their population and daughters (and drones of them) are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and/or Drones have unknown exact origin : that makes unable to find their real status.
Queen and Drones result of a cross between two different lines : interesting to increase their resistance and qualities.
--- Breeders ---
AM:Teeltstation Ameland Island mating station
Marcel van der Meide & Geert van Eizenga
BB:Imkerei Bernd Brix (DE)
CS:Christian Salau (DE)
JBB:Jürgen Brauße (DE)
MS:Martin Singer (DE)
NE:Eugen Neuhauser (AT)
PJ:Paul Jungels (LU)
PN:Horst Preissl &   Johannes Neuburger (AT)
TR:Thomas Rueppel (DE)
1× :AthosSt80R
1× :B391(NE)
1× :Bayburt98-3R
Races — Do use them
--- Importation mode ---
iiq :Inseminated queen imported
imq :Laying queen imported
itq :Tested queen imported
ivq :Virgin queen imported
--- Mating Places, etc ---
aml :Ameland island (NL – Friesland)
bal :Baltrum island (DE)
hbpn :Preissl–Neuburger mountain (AT)
injb :Instrumental insemination (DE)
lthl :Lautenthal (Harz, DE)
nst :Nest mountain (AT)
val :Valors mountain (AT)